Articles for HOA Boards

The following articles were created to supplement our frequently asked questions section of this website:


How Are Management Fees Determined?

Exclusive Use Common Area Maintenance Responsibilities

Reserve Studies Required – Reserve Funds

Borrowing from Reserves

Is Your HOA Protected from Fraud and Embezzlement?

Why Homeowner Associations Get into Trouble

Waiving of Late Fees by Board Members

Why You Should Run For Election to the Board of Directors of Your HOA

How to Get Elected to the Board of Directors of Your HOA

Pledge by Nominee for Election to Board of Directors

Increasing Attendance at HOA Annual Meetings

What Happens if Nobody Runs for the Board

Who Can Attend Board Meetings

Most Common Reasons Board Members are Recalled

Breach of Fiduciary Duty by Directors of Homeowner Associations

Agenda Required for Meetings

Minutes of Executive Sessions

Minutes of Board Meeting Checklist

Recusal of Board Members

Delinquent Assessments – Board Members

Board Members and Close Relatives Performing Work for HOA

Independent Insurance Brokers vs. Captive Agents

Insurance Coverage Options

Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance

Crime and Fidelity Insurance

Delegation of Duties by Board

Loss Assessment Coverage for Condominium Owners

Renters Insurance – Why it is Necessary

Checklist for Buying a Condominium


FHA Certification of Condominium Associations

Owner Claims Against HOA – Water Intrusion

Service and Comfort Animals

Animals - Service, Therapy and Emotional Support

Dogs and HOA Insurance

Satellite Dish Antenna Rules

Homeowner Association Security

Comparison of Management Services Offered

Large Associations with On-site Management

Coast Management of California

Serving All of California