Quality Assurance

Quality assurance starts with hiring the right people, training, and supervision. We have excellent people and provide constant training and supervision. However, quality assurance requires more.

Coast Management of California has a unique quality assurance program that is designed to assure our clients they are receiving high quality manage services at all times and on all levels. It consists of a proprietary, computer assisted internal audit component, an incentive component, and a client reporting component.

The internal audit component consists of senior management verifying that certain significant management duties are accomplished timely and to the full satisfaction of senior management.

The incentive component provides each staff member an opportunity to share in a bonus pool each quarter for accomplishing management’s goals. These goals include high scores on our internal audit checklists.

The client reporting component consists of the company sending questionnaires by email to all board members four times each year which gives them an opportunity to provide the company with feedback on its overall performance. The feedback is taken seriously and is used to make improvements to our operation. In addition to sending four questionnaires to board members each year, the company emails a questionnaire to every member of the associations we manage once each year for the same purpose. The questionnaire can be found on our website so that it can be sent to senior management at any time.

Our quality assurance program is not perfect but, overall, works to the advantage of our clients and the company. It’s our sincere desire to provide every client with excellent service for a fair and reasonable price.

Coast Management of California